Girls without makeup.

Ask me anything!   Submit things, kgo!   This tumblr is simple; it's girls without makeup. The idea is this: girls submit pictures of themselves without makeup on, and others let them know that they don't need makeup to look gorgeous <3

If you'd like to submit, but want to stay anonymous, email a picture to


i don’t own any makeup and sometimes i feel bad about it.

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The sooner you embrace your unique beauty, the sooner you’ll begin to truly love yourself.
That’s how it worked out for me, at least. :)

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You are beautiful.

Because you are you, and there’s nothing more amazing than who you are.


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If you guys could promote me that would be awesome.

The more people paying attention, the more submissions we can get <3

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I’ve not seen one un-pretty, or even “ugly” girl on this site, and I doubt I ever will!
It’s so amazing that people on here can accept their face without hiding it behind layers of foundation and all the rest.

Not only does wearing no make-up allow your actual beauty to show, it’s also better for your skin, the environment, and animals that products are tested on. No make-up is a win-win situation, and you’re all freakin’ beautiful anyway!

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Did I ever mention how beautiful you all are?

With or without makeup, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more stunning girls anywhere.

Never forget that you’re beautiful, inside and out <3

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Um hi :) Im Charley, im 15 and i hardly ever wear makeup even though  a lot of people say i should. I dont like to look like …not me. So it doesnt matter if i’ve just stepped out of the shower or been out in town, nobody cares. So that when i do make the effort for extra special occasions people notice. I dont like to damage my skin, im a teenager, it’s spotty enough as it is. I dont straighten my hair and the only makeup i wear is nailvarnish. And you’ll never ever hear me say ”one minute, i’ve got to put my makeup on”

I dont think im beautiful, but i definitley think im natural.

Love Charley xx <goldfishinaplasticbag>

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